The Wright Brothers.

History with the family. Having gone to school with their Dad he approached me early 2023 to see if we could do something for Charlie and Jenson. Its not something we had thought of before but decided and committed to help them for the year.

Known as The Wright Brothers, they compete in the National Ministox formula, the 2 brothers are somewhat the underdogs in what is grass root racing. When they turn up with Dad and modest budget they certainly give it all at every event, against others that turn up with what would be a race team. They have asked local businesses to help with sponsorship to be able to help make it happen, we have helped last year and committed again for 2024!

We wish them all the best for this year and hope they bring home some silverware this year too! If there are any other businesses that want to help then please get in touch, call Andy (Dad) on 07446790966 check them out on Facebook –

Team Prawn Racing.

Knowing Nick Vaughan for some years in the VW/Audi car scene, it’s a better option these days to be able to help with sponsorship than me buying a track car!

Nick joined the Thunder Saloons championship a couple of years ago with his Audi A3 1.8T, going from road car to track car over the years with different setups it’s now become a Race car with just under 600bhp and front wheel drive. On slicks, it’s far from the 150bhp car that Audi designed.

Nick has made quite a name for himself upsetting much “quicker” cars. We saw an opportunity late last year with a bonnet that was blank and wanting to get our name on the bonnet we had a chat and managed to get our branding on! Being apart of this for the end of last years season and Nick winning the Championship was a great feeling for all the hard work he has put into it.

With preparation well under the way for the 2024 season we have committed to help again for this year too. A bit more pressure this year as defending champion I am sure he has his work cut out but the changes over winter will certainly help him!

Want to know more? Check out his Facebook page if you want to get involved then please get in touch with Nick directly on 07866678842 he is looking for more sponsorship for 2024!