We first met the owners of this business last year when we were approached to see if we could help a new start company that had only been trading for 3 months. Challenge accepted! They needed to fund a pair of cars for staff members to go from site to site and be comfortable for the passengers. They settled on a pair of Skoda SUV’s that would suit their requirements.

Fast forward to October and we were able to sort both director’s cars which were found by the clients and finance arranged by ourselves. During this time there were conversations that they wanted to buy a dream car, this would be a Lamborghini Urus. So once again challenge accepted and when the dream car was found in this stand out from the crowd Giallo Auge (or yellow to me). We obtained the finance once again for them and just the other day met up with them to have a look in this awesome car in person. Simply blown away and can understand why they have decided on this.

Funding: Going through the options we have selected to use HP with a balloon/Lease purchase to help reduce the term slightly which can be read here.

There is a mileage restriction on this however we always advise to slightly increase the anticipated milage per year so you can just drive your car without the concerns that you will go over it and incur charges.

Update late 2023
Back in May we were asked to sort funding for the first Lamborghini we had ever done a gorgeous Urus. Fast forward a few months we were approached once again. This time a Lamborghini Huracan which is stunning, the sound is just amazing! I managed to get over to meet the clients on collection and get a couple of pictures of this and hear it for myself.

With reference to the funding options we can offer Hire Purchase, Hire Purchase with Balloon and PCP depending on the lender. HP+ Balloon and PCP will help to reduce the term and payments.

With other conversations of plans going forward for what else is wanted. There was a challenge set. For 2 additional cars, the two Bentley’s, a Bentley Bentayga and a Continental GT C.

The feed back from the clients is that they are another level of car, comfortable, luxurious and obviously being Bentley, they pick up and go as good as they look too!