About CC Funding Solutions

I have always, for as long as I can remember had an interest in cars.

Chris Clarke – Director

I have always, for as long as I can remember had an interest in cars. This is probably because as a family we didn’t have one. I was determined when I became 17 to pass my driving test and I did this after 11 lessons, then the obsession with cars started. My first car being a Mk1 Escort!

The same year I started at a local college to study motor vehicle engineering. During this time, I realised that I preferred being in the showroom rather than the workshop. So, this drove me to find a job in sales.

For 19 years I worked at a large car supermarket, for 15 of those I worked as a business manager running a small team selling 650-700 cars a year on average. My role was to run and manage a team and meet and exceed targets set by management, for car sales as well as finance and insurance that was on offer, whilst being always compliant with the FCA.

My world changed on 23rd March 2020 as lots did when we as a country went into lockdown. I realised that I needed a better work life balance. When the option of redundancy came up, I took the opportunity to change. I promised my wife and myself a better work life balance. I then went onto work for 2 dealer groups but didn’t find the right balance. So, I ultimately took the plunge and became a Finance broker and left working in the motor trade in November 2021 to follow this path.

My aim is to build long term relationships with both private customers and businesses. To be your first port of call when you look to fund your next asset or loan. To provide an excellent customer service with honesty and transparency with the added personal touch. Banks will be restricted to certain business hours, whereas I will go above and beyond as not everything needs to be as rigid as working 9-5.

Tom Heffernan – Associate

Hi, I’m Tom.  Having worked with Chris at large car supermarket for many years, my world has been revolved around meeting sales targets, providing excellent customer service, and managing a team of salespeople.

Much like Chris, the option to take redundancy was floated in May 2023, which ultimately became the ‘light bulb’ moment. Was this the time to change my path? I didn’t have a plan, but the time felt right.

Following a fair few conversations, a picture of what was involved from the perspective of a finance broker began to appear, and I felt this would be the right fit, providing new challenges, opportunity, development, and a different work/life balance than I was used to. Getting the chance to watch the F1 live at the weekend had been unheard of for over 10 years! Oh, and spend time with family too, I guess.

As of September 2023, I began working as an Associate for CC Funding Solutions and aim to use my previous experiences to forge new relationships with both individuals and businesses, with a personable approach, to help in all manner of situations.